Make Space to Create That Life You Want

Maristella Bertram
5 min readAug 13, 2022


Finding The Point of Creation

We, Organizers, preach how much easier life becomes when we get rid of clutter and get organized. We talk about how organization saves money and gives us more time to relax and enjoy what matters.

But those benefits are not achievable without you doing your part.

Your commitment to learning and practicing new habits and systems until they become second nature to you and all others sharing your home space is fundamental to freeing your brain and soul to find the point of creation within you.

Slow Down to Find That Point

But how could you possibly slow down with everything there is to do every day? So many things need your attention and intervention. There are so many things you must solve.

Rene Descartes once said: I think, therefore I am. And he was entirely correct. We are co-creators in this universe.

Whether we call it God, Universe, Vortex, Life Force, or Spirit, there is a place in the human mind where the power to create our reality resides.

We can decide what we want our life to look, feel, and be like. We can manifest it!

In this high-paced world, most people don’t ever stop to reflect on their high-level ideas. However, people who meditate, for example, can decrease their pace and raise the vibration of their creative energy. That’s when and where the magic happens- they access their point of creation.

But how do we slow down or free up headspace?

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

That learning curve in the organizing process requires that you stop and understand some essential things:

  • There are habits to eliminate while there are new ones to adopt
  • You need to understand the systems implemented as your physical space is organized — understand how these systems work to maximize your productivity and efficiency.
  • From this point on, it is essential to become intentional in everything you do

Like a Well-Oiled Machine

As a Certified Professional Organizer, I am responsible for educating my clients in organizing methodologies and principles, uncovering the root cause of their clutter, designing solutions for them, and showing them strategies and tactics to move forward confidently.

My clients must get results and effectively solve the issues that prevent them from living a small, disorganized, or over-complicated life.

However, your understanding of the organizing process and your long-term commitment to it are crucial to the long-term success of any organizing project.

Without your understanding and commitment to this process, the best systems and most detailed organization will fail.

When your home space is transformed, your old habits and routines won’t support the new way of living in that space anymore. You can’t expect results compatible with your new home environment, acting as you did before.

Also, the brain depends on action repetition for the body to develop that “muscle memory” for a more intuitive way to do things. This is how routines become second nature — when newly created habits flow effortlessly. That’s when you have achieved a home that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Systems to Engage Autopilot

A system is a series of sequential actions to execute any given activity. Simple examples of household systems are how and when someone does the laundry, how they plan meals (or not), and even how they shower.

When we declutter, we remove excess from home. But when we organize, we sort through things, classify, allocate, and then custom-develop systems for the household and individuals within.

But the multiple benefits of an organized life depend on that person’s ability to systematize and automate their day-to-day tasks and effectively incorporate those systems and routines into their everyday life.

When daily tasks run “on auto-pilot,” that’s when a person finds the time and headspace to rise to the level of creation in their life.

When New Habits Become Second Nature

When new habits and routines become second nature to you and yours, then you can

  • be proactive instead of reactive
  • dedicate time to what matters most to you
  • spend more time with those you love
  • work towards the achievement of your goals
  • Create your life and circumstances (in every sense of the word)

Voila! Those are the benefits of an organized home and life.

A More Concrete Approach

Imagine three levels of existence within you. All those menial, mundane tasks should happen at the base (lower level). The mid-level is where you execute most of the time and where your attention should be 85% of the time. That mid-level is where you make things happen, no matter if it is stuff from the basic level or the upper one. Finally, the upper level is for high-level, life-changing thoughts and goals.

When you have lower-level tasks on autopilot, they don’t need much of your attention. However, upper-level ideas get your attention enough to put sufficient attention on them to bring them to that mid-level. Then these get materialized through planning and execution.

One Last Note

The benefits of being organized and having an efficiently managed home do not negate the need to attend to the menial daily chores.

An organized and efficient home and life come from paying attention to everything, ensuring nothing falls through the gaps — but differently.

When we plan, schedule, organize, and streamline everything that should happen in our daily life, we automate all those lower-level tasks.

Having paid enough attention to the planning and execution of lower allows us to exist in a stable environment, thus making it possible to focus on bigger, more important things.

In other words, daily living tasks get streamlined and automated in our schedule so that they don’t require our constant attention. When this happens (and these tasks become second nature), we hardly notice them. As a result, we stop feeling these to-dos interfering in our life.

And because of greater efficiency in our daily life, we have more time and headspace for the big picture and higher-level thoughts, which is where the point of creation resides.

Move Forward with Your Life

And this is how you move your life forward. The more streamlined and automated the lower-level tasks and ideas are, the greater the space in your mind to shape, plan and execute more significant ideas — our goals and dreams — the point of creation.

Not having the space or capacity to attend to the planning and execution of those ideas means living in the rat race where everything has the same priority and where we continually run around putting off fires.

That is an exhausting, reactive life. This unintentional life does not provide space or energy to think about what we want in life and much less to make it happen.



Maristella Bertram

Maristella Bertram, MBA, CPO, owner of My Space Reclaimed, LLC, is a Board-Certified Professional Organizer, Redesigner and Stager.