11 Less-Than- Exciting (But Important) Kitchen Planning Considerations

Whether finally getting the kitchen of your dreams you’ve wanted for years or just reorganizing the space to add efficiency to your days, here are eleven less-than-exciting considerations for you to incorporate in the planning. Unfortunately, we do not always pay real…

Finding The Silver Lining of a Catastrophe

When a catastrophe strikes, like a devastating hurricane, we are often forced to look at our lives and possessions differently. For example, we might need to let things go when items are ruined by the catastrophe. Also, the situation may require moving on with less, due to reduced space in…

Packing To Move — Insights from a Professional Organizer

One of the hardest things about moving is achieving a balance between getting a head-start on the packing, having what you still need to live and function in the house before you move, and keeping a home worth showing.

As a…

Crafts supplies are a great example of “aspirational clutter”

Emotions might betray your efforts to live a clutter-free life. There is usually a story behind people’s resistance to part with stuff that no longer has a specific role in their lives. Let’s look at some of the most common emotions obstructing your best efforts to live clutter-free.

Boutique-Feel Closet by My Space Reclaimed, LLC

The closet is where most of us start our days. Let it reflect your style. Your closet should be a source of inspiration instead of a morning drag. So, organize your closet and make it inviting. Respect your shoes and love your clothes, giving them the care and attention they…

11 Habits of an Organized Lifestyle by My Space Reclaimed, LLC

Organizing Is A Lifestyle

Many say they need to become more organized, especially each January. Some will even call an Organizer. However, those unwilling to adopt new habits will always struggle with clutter. No matter how easy or difficult that initial push to get the home in top shape might be. That is just…

empty frosted glass bottle on its side and a cork unplogged

It was New Year’s morning (some years ago). As I lay half-awake in my bed, I saw my husband coming out of our bathroom. “Good morning! Happy New Year!” I said.

His response almost caused me to fall out of bed laughing — “It would have been a much happier…

Simplify your environment and your life with My Space Reclaimed!

All that packaging!

Whether you get your medicines and supplements by mail or you pick them up at the store, you probably have an excess of bottles and extra packaging complicating your space.

Many medicines and supplements come with excess packaging. It is unthinkable having to go through it every single day to…

Maristella Bertram

Maristella Bertram, MBA, CPO, owner of My Space Reclaimed, LLC, is a Board-Certified Professional Organizer, Redesigner and Stager.

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