I discuss the concept of mindfulness quite often. Mindfulness is fundamental to a meaningful life. Mindfulness is being in the moment, each moment, noticing our actions, reactions, and feelings toward others and the environment.

Mindfulness puts seemingly ordinary, routine, everyday life events under a magnifying glass for close inspection — the things few people notice.

So, this blog might make no sense to you (and you will probably think I am just extra weird). With that warning in mind, continue reading if you want to try this.

You have probably heard that clutter is, at its core, a bunch of…

What is more exciting than moving to your new home? Moving to a new home where everything has a place, everything looks beautiful, and the space is functional. That is! And that is why you should hire a Professional Organizer to help you throughout your moving process.

Careful Packing

I used to joke and say I was sure that packers and movers always had a competition going on, and the winner is the person that can pack the most unrelated items the fastest. I have seen far too many packing jobs where we find trashcans with actual trash in them, together with…

Thinking of Moving? Think Organizing First. Dog at a home window.
Thinking of Moving? Think Organizing First. Dog at a home window.

Moving is the ideal time to call a Professional Organizer, but do not wait until the week before the move (seriously, please don’t!). The best time to contact an Organizer is at least six months ahead of the move.

Engaging a Professional Organizer in the process of moving has multiple benefits.

  • Faster sale — An organized home sells faster. Clutter in a home speaks of the lack of storage and makes the home look smaller. Conversely, a well-appointed house conveys the idea of larger spaces and good storage. Potential buyers will always open cabinets, closets, and drawers that come with…
Organize your closet and maximize your wardrobe with the Stylebook app

Is this what you proclaim when facing the closet each morning? “I have NOTHING to wear” (sigh!). We have heard it countless times — we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. It is wardrobe fatigue (I totally made that up just now). But, yes, it does get boring.

I bet you did not know that it is entirely possible to look well put together every day without repeating an ensemble for at least a year.

I am not referring to the wardrobe capsule in this instance. The wardrobe capsule makes your closet more manageable and enjoyable by…

My paternal family in 1939 (my father is the little boy on the front!)

I dedicate this blog piece to my cousins, with whom I share an unbreakable bond and a history that lives in my recurrent dreams of our weekly gatherings at Grandma’s. This photo journey has deeply impacted them all.

This Is My Story

It has taken me about ten years, but I just finished scanning family photos dating back to 1919! Pictures are my thing. After my parents’ death, I called everyone I knew and held an open house where everyone was invited to get whatever they pleased from home. My parents were well-known, much loved, and deeply respected people. …

The true power of essential oils

Clutter is anything and everything that no longer serves a purpose in our life. When we think of clutter, we tend to immediately think about the physical clutter surrounding us. But since our environment is a reflection of ourselves, when someone is surrounded with physical clutter, oftentimes it is because there is a myriad of things unresolved within. Did you know there is a direct relationship between physical clutter and being overweight? Not surprisingly there is also a direct relationship between being overweight and having unresolved inner struggles.

So, what about the clutter in our minds? Those ideas, traumas, and…

Mina (2001–2014)— The Love Of My Life

I’m going to say a couple of things about having dogs. I might ruffle some feathers, but I am not apologizing for that — not this time.

I adore dogs. They deserve all our love, compassion, and more! And humans owe them big. Dogs, as we know them, did not exist in nature. We created them by domesticating their wild ancestors. We created this type of creature that depends on us. It would be absurd to turn our backs on them by neglecting their complex needs.

I have worked with wonderful clients that have all kinds of animals. My clients…

The Mess The Organizer Made

The Mess

The biggest obstacle to organizing I see among my clients is the improper allocation of their possessions.

We overbuy for a myriad of reasons. We hoard stuff sometimes. Other times, it’s a matter of not letting go. Whatever the reason, we have a serious problem with space. We seem to need every inch of space available to store all the things we own. It’s as if we are afraid of empty space. …

Elegance shines in the absence of clutter

Imagine a store window with so much stuff in it that you can’t focus on anything.

Imagine a model home spectacularly designed, but clutter covers countertops, closets are full to the brim, and boxes are all over.

Imagine a hotel room with a closet full of toilet paper, paper towels, even diapers of various sizes, and a box of plastic bags. There are extra blankets folded on the bed and chairs. The bathroom cabinets are full of toiletries.

Imagine if The Container Store had a showroom with a closet full of mismatched hangers, clothes jammed on top of each other…

Dog Days

If you know me or if we have worked together reclaiming your space, you know I love animals more than words can express. You probably also know how I tend to the needs of my furry friends with the same importance and urgency I take care of my work.

When working with a new client with pets, I make sure those little ones have an adequate, clean and comfy place to sleep (I will celebrate big if I hear they sleep on the bed!). I will note where they eat and drink. I will inquire about and observe the type…

Maristella Bertram

Maristella Bertram, MBA, CPO, owner of My Space Reclaimed, LLC, is a Board-Certified Professional Organizer, Redesigner and Stager.

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